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PASMA Mobile Access Tower Training

Duration - 7 Hours


Delegates up to 12 persons


Who should attend?


This programme is designed for managers, supervisors and operatives who may need to construct and or inspect Mobile Aluminium Towers.


The work at Height Regulations 2005, require that the assembly, dismantling or alteration of Mobile Access Towers should only be undertaken by a competent person, or if being trained, under the supervision of a competent person.


The course content, instructors and training premises are subject to a rigorous assessment to ensure compliance of PASMA standards. After approval, all Registered Training Centres are subject to an ongoing audit regime conducted by the Training Scheme Auditor to ensure that they continue to meet the high standards demanded by PASMA.

The PASMA Standard Course Content

1. Introduction to Mobile Access Towers

2. Tower Assembly

3. Stability

4. Safe use of Towers

5. Repositioning Towers

6. Tower Inspection

7. Care & Maintenance

8. Tower Dismantle

9. Regulations and Standards


A one day course, it is designed to instruct a maximum of 12 delegates, can be undertaken at your own premises, on site if suitable accommodation and training area for the theory and practical or via our national training network.


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